Our HR Vision

Creating a safe and pleasant working environment for our employees, which is the most important factor in success, safeguard the continuity of employment ,developing the knowledge and skills of qualified employees, develop their knowledge and skills in order to prepare for future higher positions.

Our mission HR

” Right person for the right job ” approach by prioritizing employee satisfaction with personal and professional development by providing the EGEM ‘s talented to carry the mission of creative manpower to ensure the formation of.

HR Policy

The aim of our human resources policy customer-oriented high human and social sensitivity of our approach the right people with the right jobs placing them in the Egem move into the future, teamwork, creativity, efficiency by supporting protection and it protects the most preferred is to have an understanding of


Our partner we are looking for candidate attributes;

  • Open to change and development,
  • Result-oriented
  • Believe to team work succesSuccessful in human relations, effective communication skills,
  • Add volue to work
  • Open to innovations, our company move to the future by including qualified employees in our organization.

Our principles;

  • The principle of adding value to keeping in front of the Customer, Customer Relations, and create the prescribe of business this thought.
  • For new positions, primarily within the group human resources assess
  • Skilled manpower to create, develop, and ensure continuity,
  • Identify training needs for employees, prepare and implement training programs.
  • Occupational health and safety in terms of healthy, safe and peaceful working environment,you create
  • Of natural resources environmental awareness and social responsibility to the community and exhibiting exemplary behavior, high efficient and high sensitivity,
  • Our employees with the laws and regulations they have the duty to respect and protect the rights that we know.

Business Opportunities

  • Our goal is to work with us in the recruitment process those who wish to ” right person for the right job “ principle to evaluate.
  • EGEM those who do apply for a job in the recruitment process provides equal opportunity without any discrimination.

To give direction to your career, if you want to get the positions that you can develop yourself, if you want work us you can send CV’ this mail adress ‘ [email protected] .