Quality devices we use in our laboratory;

  • Coefficient of Friction tester
  • Tensile Strength tester
  • Abrasion Tester
  • Folding force tester
  • Heat Sealing Machine
  • Colour measurement (SpectoEye and Datacolor600)
  • Gloss Test Machine
  • Light Box
  • GC (Gas Chromatography)
  • Precision ruler (Hirlinger)
  • COBB sizing tester
  • Oven
  • Humidity/temperature meter
  • Scale
  • Circular cutter
  • Thickness gauge

Offset Printed Carton Packaging Input , Process and Quality Control Tests

In offset printed products , Visual Control , unit weight , thickness , hardness measurement, opacity and whiteness measurement, static and kinetic coefficient of friction , abrasion test, the fiber direction Determination of Moisture Determination, Crimea resistance, color analysis done through the process testing our stakeholders.

Rotogravure Printed Cardboard: Incoming, Process, Final Quality Control Tests

Rotogravure printed products are tested before, during and after the process as in the offset printed products. Visual control, grammage, thickness, opacity, whiteness, friction, abrasion, fiber direction determination, relative humidity measurement, crease tests and color.

Rotogravure Printing Flexible Packages: Incoming, Process and final Quality Control Tests

Visual inspection, grammage, thickness, coefficient of friction, abrasion resistance, color inspections are carried for the flexible package printing and production.