Our environmental policy adopts the necessity fo reducing and eliminating of the environmental impact of the manufacturing process and admits it as an integral part of the production operations.

As EGEM AMBALAJ; we hereby confirm, compliance with all relevant legal requirements, preventing environmental pollution, continuous improvement and development by increasing effectiveness of processes for our potential and performance in accordance with the following principles:

  • All standards are applied according to laws and regulations.
  • We prefer consumption of recyclable and reused materials. as much as possible to reduce the use of natural resources
  • Environmental impacts are considered while deciding for investment
  • We care for possible environmental impacts of our all operations
  • An Environmental Management System is built and updated regularly for being active.
  • Emergency risks are tried to be reduced.
  • All personnel trainings are done for protecting environment.
  • All requirements are done for “TS EN ISO 14001 ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM”
  • We suggest to our third party purveyors and suppliers applying similar environmental management systems
  • Not only environment is protected, we also participate works related to the development of the environment. Projects are created and/or supported as much as possible for this purpose